CapStick + PopSocket
CapStick + PopSocket
CapStick + PopSocket

CapStick + PopSocket

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Our patented product is an attachment for your phone grip that lets you stick your mobile device to nearly any surface. This option includes the CapStick with a new PopSocket phone grip to help you carry and mount your phone wherever you go!

What does this product work on?

  • This product sticks to any surface that is dry, firm, and relatively flat enough for the gel pad to make sufficient contact.
  • Our gel is very strong so that we can attach our device to interesting surfaces; we've attached this to the ceiling, brick, wood, metal, glass, trees, mugs, poles, and much more.
  • DO NOT attach to dry wall or any painted surface that you think can peel.

Disclaimer: User takes full responsibility for any damage to a mobile device or surface from the use of this product. Read all instructions carefully before use!

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